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( Sep. 10th, 2012 01:13 pm)
Anyone else watching Copper?  It's interesting so far.  The historical details seem good (apart from a couple of costuming nitpicks*) and doesn't shy away from the seedy underbelly of the times.  Racism, violence, child and adult prostitution, classism, poverty... it's all there.  Excellent acting as well.  I somehow guessed that it was shot in Toronto even before I looked it up on the IMDB to check.  I think it was a specific church that made me think that- well, that and the fact that I recognize some of the 40 Canadian actors in bit roles, including David Keeley and Kyle Schmid (Blood Ties). I'll definitely keep watching.  It's hard trying to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are because there's a lot of ... ambiguity.  I do wish that the actors playing Kevin Corcoran and his sidekick Francis Maguire didn't look/weren't styled so much alike though. I keep getting them mixed up.

*Costuming nitpicks: A) They need to use more petticoats.  One should not be able to see the outline of the hoops from a hoop skirt through a woman's outer skirt. B) I could be wrong about this but don't think they made a lot of men's coats in leather in those days. Not frock-coat style coats anyway.  I had a similar nitpick with Lord Blackwood's leather greatcoat in the first RDJ Sherlock movie.
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( Aug. 16th, 2012 08:31 am)
I keep saying I'm going to post more and then failing miserably to do so. I guess it's mostly because I'm just Ms. Boring McYawnypants these days, as I said to [ profile] shayheyred the other day. I just don't seem to have much interesting to say. However, this video got mentioned briefly on NPR this morning and I had to go look it up when I got to work and I was very amused by it, so I figured I'd share:

Also, just to share one fannish thing- I just watched the Teen Wolf season 2 finale last night (slightly time delayed as I was doing other things on Monday evening), and I gotta say, that show has turned out to be one of the better things on TV. For something which, when I first tuned in, I figured would be lame at best, it's really amazingly well plotted and acted. Not to mention it really brings the pretty, even if I do feel a bit pervy since I could probably be the *grandmother* of some of those people!

I did feel like they rushed the finale a bit- it probably should have been two episodes because some things that happened were never really explained (I suspect they got cut for time) but over all, this season has been awesome. I love that the teens really act like teens and some of the parent/kid relationships on the show are great. And I have to give a shout out to my favorite character, Stiles, who always has the best lines. I understand that the actor who plays him, Dylan O'Brien, adlibs some of his lines, so go him! Also, props to the series for having an openly gay jock character, and for none of the other characters even batting an eye. Even when they ended up at a gay bar this season and some of the characters were getting hit on, they didn't really play it for laughs or have the characters recoil in horror. They just went with it. :D

My one problem with the finale (and presumably the set up for next season's Big Bad) was the cut for spoiler ) But I'll wait and see how it plays out next season. I understand that they've got an 24 episode 3rd season pickup (they've been doing 12 eps/season) and that the show is moving from filming in Georgia to LA. I hope that doesn't negatively affect its tone or writing!

PS: Does anyone on DW know why when I am reading my DW reading list half the youtube embeds posted all show the same thing, rather than whatever they are supposed to show? (For instance, even on this post, on my DW reading list instead of the NASA parody embed it shows one of some gopher at a Russian rocket launch facility.  ALL the embeds on my DW reading list are currently showing that dang gopher.)

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( May. 17th, 2012 08:06 am)
To: Network TV Execs
Re: Season Finales

I point you to Criminal Minds and suggest you all watch this season's finale and take a lesson.  Now that is how you do a great season finale. 

You may notice that it was not a cliffhanger.
So I was on my way to work this morning, and is often the case, got stuck behind the schoolbus that goes through our neighborhood. I think it's an elementary school bus, as the one that picks up the older kids goes by earlier than the one that gets the younger kids. As I sat there idling, waiting for the kids to board, I suddenly noticed that one of them looked a tad odd. At first I thought it was just a trick of the eye or something but I kept looking and it didn't change. One of the kids had a wolf's head. Seriously. A complete, rather well done prosthetic wolf's head. At least, I assume it was a prosthetic and werewolves aren't riding the bus to elementary school these days. Although, that would be pretty cool. ;D

Watched the premiere of 'Awake' last night. I had thought the premise didn't sound very interesting but I love Jason Isaacs so I gave it a shot anyway and was surprised how much I liked it. Very good acting all around (including an almost unrecognizable Wilmer Valderrama). I will definitely keep watching it.  Also, just for the record, Jason Isaacs has amazing eyes.
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( Aug. 12th, 2011 09:24 am)
Sort of relative to my Eureka post from earlier this week, this little bit from NPR TV blogger Linda Holmes actually had me cackling out loud. No, I don't have permission to copy it here but since I am linking and crediting, hopefully she won't be too mad. ;D

Twenty Humble Suggestions For New Cable Network Slogans
by Linda Holmes

MTV: Hurry Up, Human Cloning! We've Got Plenty Of Snooki's DNA

TLC: Next To These Appalling Moms, That Time You Accidentally Dropped Your Baby Isn't Really That Big A Deal

: Still Trying To Fill The Gap Left By Hours Of 'Golden Girls' Reruns

: Ha Ha, We Can Make Successful New Hourlong Dramas And You Can't

Bravo: Fighting The Real Enemy, Which Is Horrible Tiny Rich Women With Tans

Spike: We Really Show A LOT Of Wrestling

: Patriotism, Gun Safety, And Pawn Shops, Pawn Shops, Pawn Shops!

A&E: Two Of The Letters In 'Hoarders'

Food Network

: We're Not Here To Tell Anybody How To Live. Psych, We Totally Are

: The Highest Percentage Of Squad Car Dashboard Footage Anywhere On Television

FX: So Gritty It Will Polish Your Teeth

: If We Don't Have It And It's About Absolutely Horrible People Getting Married, You Don't Need It

Animal Planet: We Still Can't Believe We Didn't Think Of Shark Week

SyFy: We Specialize In Shows You Will Hate Us For Canceling

Hallmark: Everything You Need To Know About The World You Wish You Lived In

Oxygen: We Have More Yellow Than That Coldplay Song 'Yellow'

HGTV: Resent Your Surroundings 24 Hours A Day

BBC America
: We've Got Swoony Accents. You've Got Anglophilia.

: We Aren't The Ones Who Watched 'Franklin & Bash,' People
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( Aug. 10th, 2011 11:08 am)
So I heard last week that SyFy was going to give Eureka a shortened 6th season. Then yesterday they took it back and said nope, no 6th season, it ends at 5. Today, there's new news, apparently they get ONE episode extra, to 'wrap up.' One episode. Damn you cheapass SyFy execs.

I'm going to miss that show. Thank goodness there are still a few eps for next year.
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( May. 24th, 2011 11:45 am)
There is this thing... it's called 'birth control.' You might want to read up on it.

(Apparently unplanned pregnancy was the plot device of choice this season... it came up in Fringe, Hawaii 5-0, Bones, House (two even!!) and The Event. And that's just the shows I was watching. There may be more I am not aware of.)
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( Feb. 24th, 2011 08:20 am)
Hey, do any of you know the title of and original performer of the song that was used in last night's Criminal Minds episode "Coda"? The one the autistic boy kept playing? I can send you a download link to an audio file stripped off the show's soundtrack if you're curious.

I haven't posted in forever, mostly because I feel pretty overwhelmed by Real Life. Work continues to be difficult, they still haven't let us have our front-desk person back so office support for 35 faculty, plus about 90 grad students and 600 undergrads continues to be done by just two people- myself and my co-worker. I discovered that we're the lowest-staffed department in the college, despite the fact that we teach more Core student credit hours than any other department. I feel like we're being punished for being good at our jobs. Plus, state employees haven't had a raise in 3 years and on top of that, they're taking more out for our retirement, so essentially we've gotten pay CUTS.

The kidunit got laid off in mid-November, the same week that Bluster passed away, and shortly after we found out about his autoimmune issues. His being laid off was not a result of his health issues, but they make him difficult to insure, and I am dreading his fast-approaching birthday when he will no longer be eligible for my plan. In the mean time, I can barely pay my own bills let alone his, so we're seriously considering bankruptcy. I wonder if a bankruptcy attorney will give us a two for one deal?

My mother had another stroke about a month ago, and despite her showing all the classic signs of having had a stroke, it took the hospital 24 hours to actually diagnose one, by which time it was too late to give her the tPA like they did last time, so her recovery has been much, much slower this time. While the stroke fortunately did not affect her ability to communicate, she has left-side weakness/unresponsiveness which is responding only slowly to rehabilitation. They're letting her out of the hospital this weekend but sending her to a skilled nursing facility to continue rehabbing, in hopes that she will eventually be able to be independent, but it could be the best we can hope for is assisted. No matter what, she's going to have to sell her townhouse which is on 3 levels and completely unmanageable for her now, so that she can get an apartment in a senior living facility somewhere which can accommodate her needs.

I have been spending much of my free time at the hospital with her trying to help keep her spirits up, and running errands and suchlike for her since she can't do it herself. Once I get home from that, I'm pretty much braindead and only good for staring at the TV. Fortunately a lot of my shows continue to please me- Chuck, Castle, the NCISes, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds (though I am leery of this Prentiss arc, I fear the worst since I know she was on the chopping block at one point this year and may still be for all I know), Top Chef, and The Mentalist. I know everyone else is hating on Supernatural this season, but I'm sort of enjoying it, though I am willing to admit that may be because my critical thinking faculties have gone on hiatus due to stress. I was bummed that Fabio went home on Top Chef. He was my favorite, though I kind of knew all along he probably wouldn't win. Sucks that he went home because of a hamburger, though.
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( May. 26th, 2010 12:33 pm)
Wow, have I really not posted for two months? Ack!

Part of that is computer issues at home, part is that I broke my foot a few weeks ago and have been feeling remarkably hermitish, and things have been pretty crazy at work too, so when I get home mostly all I want to do is watch TV. So that means I have to post about a few season finales! Not really spoilery, mostly just a few opinions, but I'll cut them just in case because I know even opinions can be spoilery to some folks. Read more... )

On the birding front, my winter juncos have migrated to wherever it is they go in the summer, and a bunch of my summer birds have returned! I'm seeing goldfinches, red-winged blackbirds, and we already have hummingbirds even though we don't usually get them until June! Our Northern Flickers have re-occupied the nest cavity they used last year and are incubating a new brood. Twice now I've seen a male Bullock's Oriole, and a male Lazuli Bunting. I want both of them to come back and hold still long enough for me to get photos, they're both gorgeous! Of course, warmer weather means that the grackles are back and eating me out of house and home, too, but you have to take the irritating with the good.

Oh, and if you're a US citizen and like me, think it's a shame that our military does not allow gays and lesbians to openly serve their country, please take a few moments to go to the Human Rights Campaign website and use their form to encourage your representatives in Washington to vote in favor of repealing DADT. It's quick and easy. Of course you can always do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper, too.
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( Jan. 19th, 2010 02:19 pm)
Y'all may know I used to be a Highlander fan (cheesy, but fun!) and an X-Files fan, and an Stargate: Atlantis fan. Because I was an X-Files fan I started watching Fringe, which I love (Walter Rules! I need a Walter icon...) because it's sort of like The X-Files could have been if Chris Carter was a better producer (don't throw things fellow X-philes, you know ol' Chris "I don't believe in a show bible" Carter was a terrible showrunner!). So recently I saw some previews for Human Target and decided to watch it because Mark Valley was in it (this relates to Fringe in that he was on it, and is now married to Anna Torv and I like him {Keen Eddie!}). Wow, this is getting convoluted... sorry!

Anyway, the first ep aired on Sunday and it was watchable, but one of the first things I noticed was that Christopher Chance (Mark Valley's character) lives in Duncan MacLeod's old apartment (it's unmistakable despite the different set-dressing, how many apartments are accessed via an old cargo elevator?). The first ep featured many familiar Vancouver faces (such as Donnelly Rhodes and Tricia Helfer) and apparently, David Nykl (Radek Zelenka, my favorite character from SGA) will be in the first regular-broadcast ep tomorrow night.

I feel like my fandoms are all colliding. ;D And of course, my brain is wondering if Christopher Chance is really an Immie and that's how he can risk his life in all those crazy ways.
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( Nov. 6th, 2009 02:26 pm)
There's a new version of Discover's 'The World is Awesome' commercial out -- and it's purt' near as cool as the first one. :)

Hey, SPN fen-- or maybe I should say RHPS fen. Tell me if I'm wrong or right here- I'm having an argument with the kidunit about someone we see in the preview for next week's ep, "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester." That is slight spoiler behind the cut ) isn't it?

In case you want to see for yourself, here's a blurry Youtube copy of the preview because there isn't an official one up yet:
So, childhood idols are dropping like flies, I'm in debt up to my eyeballs, they've cut a position at work so I have to do twice as much work, the kidunit needs to see the dentist but no longer has dental insurance... the list goes on and on.

But hey, I haven't caught H1N1 (yet), my mom is doing well, and there's new Fringe tonight! I can immerse myself in fantasy-land and pretend all is right with the world.
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( Aug. 19th, 2009 08:07 am)
New Project Runway tomorrow! Ok, well, sort of, it's an All-Star Challenge, but still, the first new one in forever! Stupid lawsuits ::grumbke::.

ETA: Oh, there's also a new REAL one after the challenge! Cooool!
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( Aug. 13th, 2009 08:02 pm)
Have I really not updated since July 23? Wow.

Has anyone else caught Defying Gravity? It's a Canadian-made SciFi show-- a little soapy but interesting so far. ABC seems to be trying to kill it, as I haven't seen a single promo for it. Ron Livingston, who played Nixon in Band of Brothers is in it, as is Cristina Cox (Blood Ties) and Laura Harris (who was the pixieish blonde in Women's Murder Club). And the guy who played Sherrif Andy a couple of eps of Eureka ago is also in it. You can stream it at ABC's website or on Hulu (I hear).

Our front porch and back patio have been sinking for years. This year, the only year since we moved in (1991) that we decided to plant some flowers around the back patio, the landlord decided to have the concrete leveled. That involved pouring concrete over the old porch and patio. Even after we specifically asked the concrete contractors to be careful with the plants, it was apparently too much trouble to do so. They stepped on them, knelt on them, dropped rubble on them, broke them, and in some cases poured concrete all over them. We are very not happy campers. I think they ruined or almost ruined over $100 dollars worth of plants. That might not be much to them, but it is to us! Here's one of the few plants that survived and seems to be doing okay, it's a mandevilla:

And here's our slightly-the-worse-for-wear clematis jackmanii (I keep wondering if it's named after Hugh...)

Speaking of things flying, we've had some new visitors to the feeders. Pix behind the cut. Read more... )
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( Jul. 10th, 2009 10:37 pm)
Man, it's been forever since I posted! Between moving offices at work, losing one of my full-time staff to budget cuts, having a brief but very welcome vacation, a family gathering, and just the vagaries of living, I haven't had much time for online stuff until just recently, and I kept thinking I needed to post something and not doing it. So, now I am.

For those of you playing the home game, the young Flickers have left the nest. Yay for this year's brood making it all the way to graduation! We've been trying to attract some hummingbirds in back by planting flowers, but so far have only had one brief sighting.

[personal profile] bluster came to visit for a few days, we hung around a lot having actual conversations, went to a movie (The Proposal, very cute rom-com), went up to ardent_muses' place and watched some NASCAR (I just tagged along, they're the fans) and we had dinner at this new Moroccan restaurant called Tangier one night. It was a blast. The food was great (especially the b'stilla!), and they gave us honorary Fezes to wear and complimentary glasses of arak which was strong enough to strip paint.

On the TV front, The Closer and Saving Grace are good, and Leverage is about to start up again! Yay! Also, Eureka started tonight, which made me v.v. happy! Fun ep! Watched Warehouse 13 the other night-- I might give it another shot. The first hour was slow but it picked up in the second. I don't buy the chick as a comfort-eater, though. She's way too skinny. ;D (Yes, I know that's a false generalization.) I've been watching Top Chef Masters, which is pretty fun even if it's not exactly what I want out of Top Chef. Next Food Network Star is predictably bizarre, though, which makes up for missing some of that drama on Top Chef. ;D Finally, just finished watching the last ep of this series of Torchwood, and I have to say, not really spoilery but possibly in the comments... )
I've been catching up on series/season two of Ashes to Ashes, and there's something that's driving me nuts. I can't remember why Gene started calling Alex "Bolly" or "Bolls." I looked on Wikipedia and there's nothing about it there. Someone who watches it, please refresh my memory?
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( May. 21st, 2009 01:21 pm)
I am irrationally stoked about the news that a UFO remake might be coming to the big screen. I loved that show in all its cheesy glory. I bought it on DVD last year and rewatched the whole thing, and was surprised how much better the storylines were than I remembered, though the costumes were just as whack as I recalled. (If you want to see pix of a few of them in all their eye-searing glory go here.)
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( May. 12th, 2009 10:08 pm)
Ha! I knew it! spoilers behind the cut )
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( Apr. 29th, 2009 01:24 pm)
Can I just say that I love Fringe? Walter is awesome, Peter is delightfully sarcastic <3 and Olivia wears sensible clothes. It's reminiscent of X-Files in all the good ways and so far, not the bad ones. ;D (Also, Astrid is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I think I have a girlcrush on her. )

The Chuck season finale rocked, and I'm not just talking about Jeffster (though I still have Mr. Roboto running through my head two days later...). I really hope they get a third season pickup because they deserve it.

The Heroes season finale was ... surprising. It'll definitely be interesting to see how that plays out.

Also still watching House, NCIS (the first spinoff pilot ep was interesting), Criminal Minds, and the Mentalist. Of those, CM is clearly the standout but the other two are still fun. I've pretty much given up on Dollhouse after falling asleep during it two weeks in a row. I will miss Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's a shame a good percentage of last season was so-so, because their last few eps really rocked.

And there's Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian Victorian-era detective show I enjoy a great deal. Their latest ep featured Dylan Neal (late of Blood Ties) as a Mountie. Now, Dylan Neal has always reminded me a great deal of Paul Gross, so with him in red serge, I was having severe due South AU flashes!


Tangentially related, I just saw this news blurb on the IMDB News RSS feed: Top-Ten Pirated TV Shows: The most-downloaded shows on BitTorrent sites have little in common with the most-viewed shows on television, according to a list compiled by the website TorrentFreak. Indeed, most of the top-ten downloaded shows, which also include those airing on cable, don't even appear in Nielsen's top ten. (The only one that does is ABC's Desperate Housewives) They are: 1. Heroes, 2. Prison Break, 3. 24 , 4. Desperate Housewives, 5. Family Guy, 6. Smallville, 7. South Park, 8. Gossip Girl, 9. Fringe, and 10. Supernatural.

Notice how many of those are "fannish" shows?
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 02:06 pm)
I know there are a couple of Chuck fans here, so I thought I'd mention this. Tonight's the Chuck season (and possibly series) finale. There's a grassroots fen-led campaign to help NBC make up their minds to give it another season by buying a $5 Footlong from Subway (one of Chuck's major sponsors) tonight and then going to the Subway website to leave a comment thanking them for supporting the show and letting them know you bought the food because of Chuck. (Apparently even Zac Levi is in on this, as during a Con in England last weekend he led 600 fen to a local Subway and worked behind the counter for a bit!)
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( Apr. 6th, 2009 09:15 am)
Any of you guys birders? I'm a very casual one, but I've just found a site where you can record your observations on a regular basis. It's My Yard eBird, and the data will be available to birders, ornithologists, and conservation biologists. Looks like it's North America only, at least at this point. I got a new feeder last weekend after rescuing another little finch that had gotten trapped in my old one. The new one is a Brome Squirrelbuster Mini, we'll see if it does a better job of keeping the squirrels off without being a problem for the birds than my old one! I can already tell the birds like it better, I've seen a gorgeous male goldfinch in full mating yellow plumage at the feeder regularly over the past two days, and I think I'd only seen one once in the whole time I had the old one. I also saw a female hairy woodpecker at my suet feeder twice yesterday, and that's the first time I've seen one there.

In TV news, Sarah Connor Chronicles kind of blew me away on Friday. Did Not Expect That!! Wow. Dollhouse bored and disappointed me. I actually fell asleep during it. Flashpoint was good, though. Supernatural... not sure quite what I think about this week's ep yet. Still mulling that. O.o (Though on the shallow side, I have to say Misha Collins is hot. ;D) On the non-US TV front, Primeval is back! Yay! Love that show. I'm a bit surprised, though that spoiler behind the cut ) Am also very much enjoying Murdoch Mysteries this season, though the tension between Murdoch and Dr. Ogden worries me a bit. The show is usually very good about not having any really obvious anachronisms, but last week's had a fairly glaring one. I really don't think they had full-color glossy mugshots in 1895. ;D
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( Mar. 27th, 2009 10:10 pm)
So ... Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse tonight. SCC kinda pissed me off, not ten minutes after I was telling someone what a great job they're doing with the show. spoilery rant behind the cut: )

As for Dollhouse, I just have one thing to say: Enough with the frakkin' Lolita outfits on Caroline/Echo, for God's sake!!! (Or mine, at least.)

(When I logged into Semagic to compose this, it reminded me that it was [ profile] thamiris' birthday. Which is weirdly ironic considering the topic I ranted about above. And it also reminded me how much I miss her.)
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( Mar. 24th, 2009 09:16 am)
Anyone besides me and [ profile] theamusedone watching Nathan Filion's new show, Castle? It may not be 'realistic' (anyone who thinks novelists live like rock stars needs a reality check!) but I love the characters and I've liked the show since the start. I thought this episode was particularly good, especially the way Rick absorbs what's happening in the A-Plot and how it affects his relationship with Alexis (his daughter). Really nicely done. The 'are you taking drugs' scene was really very moving.

And of course, I have to quote one of the first exhanges of the ep, one which had me LOLing.

Rick: "Anything I need to know?"
Alexis: "The 70's are back."
Rick: "They're like The Highlander, they just won't die."

::snerk:: SO true.
Okay, I know it could have happened to anyone (myself included since I speak no Polish), but this story really made me ROFL! "Details of how police in the Irish Republic finally caught up with the country's most reckless driver have emerged." ;D

In other news, I am fairly pleased with the Top Chef Final Three,Read more... )
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 01:24 pm)
I just read on the IMDB News that actors Anna Torv and Mark Valley got married. If you watch Fringe, you know why this amuses me.
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( Jan. 29th, 2009 08:59 am)
Being lazy and copying from my comment in [ profile] rustler's journal: behind the cut for spoilerphobes )

In other news, I'm taking my mom in for her surgery (spinal/disc fusion) in a couple of hours. I've got all y'all's vibes stored up for use today, so I know it will go well.
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( Jan. 10th, 2009 11:03 pm)
As I was flipping channels tonight trying to find something interesting to watch, I paused on Ion for a moment because I thought I recognized a voice. And I did! It was Beau Starr, due South's Lieutenant Welsh, in a sci-fi flick called "The Final Days of Planet Earth" starring Darryl Hannah as the Queen of a hive of giant preying mantises from the Cat's Eye Nebula, come to take over the earth and use us as mulch! So of course I had to watch it. It was nice to see him in something again. :D


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