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( Oct. 31st, 2012 10:15 am) my fellow pagans, and Happy Halloween to the non-pagans. :) My favorite sort-of-holiday!

As usual I wore my Steampunk to work - it's the one reliable costume I have at this point. I'm working on a more industrial-looking (and more comfortable!) Steampunk so I have some variation but didn't get it done in time for this year. I did change out the corset this year for a slightly different look. pic behind cut )

Hope all you east-coast folks are safe.
kelliem: pumpkin (pumpkin)
( Nov. 2nd, 2009 02:47 pm)
Wow, time gets away from me. I haven't posted in quite a while! We had two feet of snow last Wednesday/Thursday, but it was mostly gone by Saturday. Which does not explain why we had NO trick or treaters at all. Even with our porch light on and our decorations out. It makes me sad that the tradition appears to have mostly died out. Everyone's too scared they'll get a razor blade or poison in their candy, I guess, even though those things are pretty much urban legends. Here's a blurry cellphone pic of the jack-o-lantern my son and I carved:

You get a gold star if you recognize the source. ;D

I have a bunch of new pix up on my Flickr stream, mostly birds, including goldfinches, various woodpeckers, a hummingbird, a white-breasted nuthatch, and a bunch of photos of my thrilling back yard. Here's a preview of downy woodpecker:

and a goldfinch:


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