I stopped at Panera this morning for coffee and some kind of nummy breakfasty thing, and this was in the parking lot:

Looks like The Doctor finally fixed that Chameleon Circuit. ;D Good job choosing a Prius. In this area they're as ubiquitous as a Police Box was in England 40 years ago.

I'm finally on the mend after two weeks of bronchitis. Not the way I really wanted to spend the holidays! I've spent the last two weeks basically hibernating, feeling sorry for myself, and watching a lot of No Reservations on the Travel Channel, lots of true crime shows, and various other stuff like that History Channel "Nostradamus 2012" program Sunday night which should have been titled "Prophecy for the Gullible." Geez. It was really annoying. Kidunit and I rented a few DVDs over the weekend and watched Wall-E, The Golden Compass, and Wanted. Wanted was pretty much an exercise in pretty, stylized violence-- I didn't like it much. I was also very disappointed in The Golden Compass -- granted it would have been very hard to really do justice to the novel, but I found it choppy and overly expository, and also everything after they got to the North was really dark and hard to see. I think they were trying too hard to keep the Catholic Church from boycotting them. I doubt they'll do another in the series. Wall-E, however, was a delight. We both loved it. I also have to say I am loving Leverage. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it. I don't find it slashy (darn it) but it's a fun show.
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How are they going to get out of that??? Yikes!

Did anyone else notice that John Barrowman has been in the title credits, not the guest-star credits, for the last two eps?

(Spoilers possible in the comments... if anyone comments, that is. xD )

Peripherally related, how did I not know that [livejournal.com profile] gorgidas (aka Theban Band) has done some Dr. Who and Torchwood pieces? Also, this Captains Jack is rather amusing. At least two of those three would get along... er... swimmingly. ;D
kelliem: Dr. Who (10) (10th Doctor)
( Jan. 25th, 2007 11:16 am)
I just read a casting spoiler for the third season of Dr. Who that made me smile. I've always loved the actor in question.

In other news, proving I am a chick, I thought I'd ask what y'all think of the new NHL uniforms unveiled at the All-Star game last night? pix behind the cut )
I understand all the teams will be changing to this uniform over the next year. Here's an article about the new uniforms and the science behind them, and there are a couple of linked articles within that one. Personally, I think they look great, and if they increase performance, that's even better!

Finally, do you suppose I would have more luck winning the lottery if I actually played the lottery? Because this waiting for a mysterious and unknown rich elderly relative to die and leave me all their money is not really working out.


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