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( Apr. 27th, 2009 09:40 am)
Yesterday it was sunny and in the sixties for much of the day. Today...
Springtime in the Rockies!

Tags: says it's -3. Accuweather says it's -12 but I think they must have their equipment up on the Mesa where it's colder, because I don't think it's that cold down in the main part of town. It's cold enough to freeze those little hairs inside your nose, though. But as the saying goes, at least it's a dry cold! ;D

I hope all you Northeasterners on my flist are keeping safe and warm right now. I don't know if/how many of you are affected by this ice storm, but I hope it's not many and that things resolve quickly for you. You all have my utmost sympathy.

We don't really get ice storms here. The first time I ever experienced one was in 1990, the year we lived in Baltimore. I remember stepping out onto what I thought was a wet porch to retrieve the morning paper, and having my feet go out from under me because what I assumed was liquid water was actually the frozen kind. I went down hard on the steps, and I have a permanent dent in my backside from that fall. I have no desire to ever experience another ice storm.
The weekend was gorgeous-- in the fifties both day, clear and sunny. And today we've got snow! Again. Good thing I decided not to put the hummingbird feeder out yet. Ah, Colorado, one never gets bored with the weather here. (Well, that's not true actually, but most people don't find sunshine boring...).

I had a really nice weekend. It actually started on Thursday night when the kidunit did some foils for me (he's in cosmetology school) and then Friday I got to go in and be the guinea pig for his hair-cutting test. So I got color and a cut for basically the cost of supplies. Not bad! Also, the cut came out fantastic so we're both really happy about that. His teacher said that if he can cut my hair (which is ultra-fine, curly, and has at least 3 cowlicks) well he can probably cut anyone's hair well. :) Friday night we tried a new place for dinner-- Pasta Bozza. They are primarily a fresh pasta vendor but they also do a variety of home-made Italian dishes. Their 4-cheese ravioli in pink sauce daily special was very good, as was the fettuccine with chicken, sausage, artichokes and grape tomatoes. Their mascarpone berry tart was absolutely fantastic. I'd like to try some of their other dishes. They could use some real china rather than paper plates to serve on though-- that's just a tad too casual for me. At least they had real flatware, not plastic.

Saturday, [ profile] ardent_muses came over, and much fun was had! She brought me a present of the 1968 Zeffirelli Romeo & Juliet which we'd been talking about in email recently. It was the R&J of our youth and we both had the original cast recording (yes an actual vinyl LP!) of it which we played it over and over again, and memorized the entire thing. It's really neat to have my own copy of the actual movie now! I can still quote most of it word for word. I had a present for her, too-- I'd found some NASCAR Harlequins at the grocery store and so I picked one up for her (I blame her new NASCAR fixation squarely on [ profile] celli and her SGA/NASCAR AU, Fireball!). I can't wait to hear how it is!

We watched most of (everything but the first 3 which we already watched a few weeks ago) Band of Brothers which is a favorite of hers. It's really an amazing piece of work-- the cast is absolutely terrific. Why is it that so many British actors can be so convincingly American, but the opposite is not usually true? Odd, that. I kept trying to place the guy playing Sgt. Muck (Richard Speight Jr.), and failing, but I looked him up on the IMDB just now and had to headdesk. He's Deputy Bill in Jericho, and The Trickster in Supernatural. No wonder he looked so familiar!

About 6pm we called a time-out from the TV and went out to a local favorite restaurant, Turley's, for dinner (they had some great Mexican specials: she had the sopes and I had the rellenos). Ardent hates to shop, but has been saying for two years now that she needs new clothes so after dinner I dragged her over to the local Coldwater Creek store to check out their 70% off sale. Fortunately, we both found several great deals. Ardent even got something 'artsy' instead of preppy. The folks at her office are going to faint. :) Finally we took our booty and returned to my house and watched the rest of BoB, staying up until an unprecendented-in-recent-history 2am to do so.

Sunday was my productive day-- did laundry, ran errands, etc. Bought a new double-ended shepherd's crook for the yard to hang a hummingbird feeder and a suet-block feeder from to supplement the standard seed-mix feeder I already have. Also I saw two new birds this weekend! Saturday I saw either a Western Kingbird (though he seemed a lot yellower than that picture) or a Yellow-Headed Blackbird. I didn't get a great look at him, so I'll need another sighting to make sure. Then on Sunday I saw a gorgeous male Red-naped Sapsucker. Both are new to my backyard birdwatching experience. Also, the grackles appear to be back for the season, which does not thrill me because they are pigs and keep the smaller birds away from the feeder. Grr.
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( Feb. 1st, 2007 02:35 pm)
It's frelling snowing. Again. This makes 8 storms in 7 weeks. I begin to understand why people go crazy in the winter.


::koff:: Sorry. I know other people have it much worse, so I should not capslock.

Let's see, what else can I ramble on about? House and Bones both disappointed me this week. The performances in House were amazing but the script was written by a monkey on crack, and I am also tired of the two-by-four approach. Bones had me yelling "They wouldn't DO that!" at the TV several times. Has anyone else noticed the fact that the forensic 'experts' on Bones are always handling evidence without gloves? Don't they watch CSI for heaven's sake?

The Top Chef finale was interesting, and though I was not at all surprised by who won, I was a little surprised by how close it was. more rambling behind the cut. )

Also-- Bostonians? You were afraid of this? Seriously???
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( Dec. 21st, 2006 09:22 pm)
The kidunit took a few more pix with an actual camera. I'm posting three behind the cut below. They were all taken after the snow let up and the sun came out. When I waded out to brush the snow off my car (see a 'before' photo below) I discovered the snow came up to my crotch. Since I have a 30" inseam, that tells you how deep it was.

Read more... )
kelliem: icy lakefront sunrise (winter too)
( Dec. 20th, 2006 03:42 pm)
Yup, it's snowing like the proverbial sumbitch. The University took the unprecedented stop of closing early even though today and tomorrow are the last two days of finals. Officially they're staying 'partially' open and people who can make it safely to campus can give/take their finals but I have a feeling there won't be a lot of that going on. They're telling faculty if they or their students can't make it in, to offer students a choice of either taking a grade based on their work to date, or of taking a rescheduled final after break. They may also need to keep the dorms open past Friday morning for people who have missed flights and are stranded here until they can make other travel arrangements.

After they made the announcement around 1:00 pm, I stayed long enough to post signs for some finals I knew were cancelled because the faculty couldn't make it in, and to post signs on the main office, and leave a phone message for people calling in, then I headed out And I must sing the praises of my little all-wheel-drive Subaru Impreza. All around me people in SUVs and regular cars are having problems, and my little beast is just managing the snow effortlessly.

I'd say we have about 16" (once I got home, I measured how far up my leg the snow came when I was standing in it) and it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. I have serious doubts the University will be open tomorrow. We will definitely have a white Christmas this year, 'cause ain't no way short of massive global warming that this will all melt off by Monday.


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