Had a very fun but tiring weekend.  Saw a TON of people I haven't seen in decades. I mean that.  And saw some absolutely amazing costumes. The Dealer's Room was extremely dangerous- however as I was broke, it wasn't too hard to avoid buying anything.  Eventually I want to get a new corset from the fabulous corsetier that was selling at the con, but must save up $$$ for that. They have a great proprietary fabric in several shades which features gears, perfect for your steampunk needs. :)

Two pix, one of me in my new 'rustic' steampunk:

Drucilla Farnsworth, Explorer

Not entirely happy with the color scheme. In person the corset looks decidedly less yellow- it's a cross-dyed blue and gold- kind of iridescent but it photographs yellow. Bleah.  The gray over-skirt doesn't look as good with the rest of the outfit as I had hoped, so I will probably make a new one in brown. Also, must do another holster as the one from my dressy steampunk is wayy too bright for this outfit.

The other photo is Kham as Mab, the Winter Queen from Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' novels.  This costume came out GORGEOUS!  I swear she got stopped every five minutes for pix. 

Mab, the Winter Queen

This photo's a professional one done by an outfit called "FantaScenes" who take green-screen photos and then insert the appropriate background of your choice. The color of the dress is a bit dark in the picture, you can't really tell what a fantastic royal purple it is. Check out their Facebook for a few more photos from the Con, including the absolutely AMAZING Darth Maul Cyborg and the gorgeous Moondragon.

kelliem: icy lakefront sunrise (Default)
( Apr. 25th, 2008 08:48 am)
This morning I *finally* managed to get a shot of the male Flicker-- sort of. He's much shyer than the female and usually flies off the second he sees me, but this morning I managed to catch him just as he poked his head out of the nest. If you look closely you can see the red 'blusher' on his 'cheek.' (I enlarged it a bit so it's kind of pixellated, sorry.)

Also, since I'm picspamming, here's an absolutely gorgeous early morning view in the courtyard between Hellems and Education on the CU Boulder campus, looking north toward the Theatre building. (Please to pretend you don't notice the edge of my finger in the lower right corner of the pic.) There's a the bright pink flowering crabapple tree on the right, an orangey flowering quince beneath it and I'm aiming through the branches of a tree I can't identify but right now it has deep burgundy-red buds about to break into bloom, and it has orange berries in the fall. (It's not a bittersweet, though.) I have a pic of it in the fall showing the berries >here< if anyone wants to try to ID it for me.


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