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( Dec. 3rd, 2010 10:44 am)
Ardent-muses and I were able to attend Bluster's memorial service, which was held at a beautiful small church. The priest clearly knew Bluster well and even mentioned her love for cats in the service. We conveyed the condolences made by Bluster's online friends to her mother, who seemed genuinely touched to hear how many friends Bluster had. It's still hard to believe she's gone.

I also wanted to let those of you who've asked know that Bluster's kitties will be taken care of. Her vet came and got them as soon as he heard what had happened (except for Griz who was avoiding people, but they were confident they would catch him soon). The vet will probably keep Malcolm himself, and will find good homes for the other cats, making sure that the ones who need special care get it.

Now, in an effort to try to get a bit back to normal, I have to pass on today's xkcd comic, because it made me laugh out loud for the first time in a couple of weeks:

(Yes, I have a weird sense of humor.)
Ardent and I were devastated to learn yesterday evening that Betty (Bluster on LJ) passed away earlier this week. We don't know details, but it was apparently natural causes. They are holding a memorial for her on Monday. If you would like a link to the obituary please email me at kelliedru at and I will send it, I just didn't want to post it publicly.

If you would like to make a donation in her name, I think one of the Humane Societies near her would be the perfect place, as she always said she was "one of those crazy cat ladies."

Aurora Humane Society
1301 23rd Street,
Central City, NE 68826
(402) 694-2738
(they don't have a webpage I could find)

or the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

I am going to miss her something awful.

ETA: my son ran across this quote earlier today- it seems very appropriate.

Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still. For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent. In this divine glass, they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure. This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.

--William Penn, More Fruits of Solitude
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( Jul. 10th, 2009 10:37 pm)
Man, it's been forever since I posted! Between moving offices at work, losing one of my full-time staff to budget cuts, having a brief but very welcome vacation, a family gathering, and just the vagaries of living, I haven't had much time for online stuff until just recently, and I kept thinking I needed to post something and not doing it. So, now I am.

For those of you playing the home game, the young Flickers have left the nest. Yay for this year's brood making it all the way to graduation! We've been trying to attract some hummingbirds in back by planting flowers, but so far have only had one brief sighting.

[personal profile] bluster came to visit for a few days, we hung around a lot having actual conversations, went to a movie (The Proposal, very cute rom-com), went up to ardent_muses' place and watched some NASCAR (I just tagged along, they're the fans) and we had dinner at this new Moroccan restaurant called Tangier one night. It was a blast. The food was great (especially the b'stilla!), and they gave us honorary Fezes to wear and complimentary glasses of arak which was strong enough to strip paint.

On the TV front, The Closer and Saving Grace are good, and Leverage is about to start up again! Yay! Also, Eureka started tonight, which made me v.v. happy! Fun ep! Watched Warehouse 13 the other night-- I might give it another shot. The first hour was slow but it picked up in the second. I don't buy the chick as a comfort-eater, though. She's way too skinny. ;D (Yes, I know that's a false generalization.) I've been watching Top Chef Masters, which is pretty fun even if it's not exactly what I want out of Top Chef. Next Food Network Star is predictably bizarre, though, which makes up for missing some of that drama on Top Chef. ;D Finally, just finished watching the last ep of this series of Torchwood, and I have to say, not really spoilery but possibly in the comments... )
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( Mar. 27th, 2009 10:10 pm)
So ... Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse tonight. SCC kinda pissed me off, not ten minutes after I was telling someone what a great job they're doing with the show. spoilery rant behind the cut: )

As for Dollhouse, I just have one thing to say: Enough with the frakkin' Lolita outfits on Caroline/Echo, for God's sake!!! (Or mine, at least.)

(When I logged into Semagic to compose this, it reminded me that it was [ profile] thamiris' birthday. Which is weirdly ironic considering the topic I ranted about above. And it also reminded me how much I miss her.)
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( Oct. 15th, 2008 09:07 am)
[ profile] bluster came for a visit last week! Much fun was had, including a fantabulous Great Big Sea show at the Paramount. We were in the 8th row on the aisle and couldn't have had better seats. Before the show I was worried that the Paramount, being a large venue with actual seats, would repress the usual audience participation but fortunately that was not the case. The by'z were as 'on' as they get, and the audience was great, and a wonderful time was had by all. We came out half-deaf, completely hoarse, sweat-soaked and bone tired. Exactly how one should come out of a GBS concert. Though really, 'concert' is a misnomer. It's more of an interactive experience. ;D

The next night we'd gone to dinner at the closest Outback Steakhouse and on the way home saw the oddest thing... at the light, a large motorcycle was pulled off onto the sidewalk along with its trailer... a full size actual coffin. Not a fake Halloween-style coffin but a real, honest-to-goodness coffin, kind of silvery with chrome fittings. It definitely caused a few double-takes. On Saturday we went to Denver to see [ profile] ardent_muses and her handsome and well-behaved Sheltie. [ profile] bluster and [ profile] ardent_muses showed me what NASCAR is like. I can now read the SGA "Fireball" AU and understand what's going on. I can't say I'm ever going to be a NASCAR fan but it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. I had to laugh when I was the only one paying enough attention to the race to be able to tell them what they'd missed when they were busy fannishly squeeing over various drivers and crew-chiefs. And yes, [ profile] bluster, Bootie is a cutie.

Watched House last night.... wow. That had to be the slashiest damned ep ever of a show that is often pretty slashy. Read more... )

Still liking Fringe, and pretty much all my usual shows, though my Bones love is kind of waning. They are really off their stride this season, and I am getting awfully tired of the Intern Shuffle. I wish they would just do whatever lame thing they're going to do to get Zach back and get it over with. Still haven't found a show I can really feel "fannish" about, though. ::sigh::
The weekend was gorgeous-- in the fifties both day, clear and sunny. And today we've got snow! Again. Good thing I decided not to put the hummingbird feeder out yet. Ah, Colorado, one never gets bored with the weather here. (Well, that's not true actually, but most people don't find sunshine boring...).

I had a really nice weekend. It actually started on Thursday night when the kidunit did some foils for me (he's in cosmetology school) and then Friday I got to go in and be the guinea pig for his hair-cutting test. So I got color and a cut for basically the cost of supplies. Not bad! Also, the cut came out fantastic so we're both really happy about that. His teacher said that if he can cut my hair (which is ultra-fine, curly, and has at least 3 cowlicks) well he can probably cut anyone's hair well. :) Friday night we tried a new place for dinner-- Pasta Bozza. They are primarily a fresh pasta vendor but they also do a variety of home-made Italian dishes. Their 4-cheese ravioli in pink sauce daily special was very good, as was the fettuccine with chicken, sausage, artichokes and grape tomatoes. Their mascarpone berry tart was absolutely fantastic. I'd like to try some of their other dishes. They could use some real china rather than paper plates to serve on though-- that's just a tad too casual for me. At least they had real flatware, not plastic.

Saturday, [ profile] ardent_muses came over, and much fun was had! She brought me a present of the 1968 Zeffirelli Romeo & Juliet which we'd been talking about in email recently. It was the R&J of our youth and we both had the original cast recording (yes an actual vinyl LP!) of it which we played it over and over again, and memorized the entire thing. It's really neat to have my own copy of the actual movie now! I can still quote most of it word for word. I had a present for her, too-- I'd found some NASCAR Harlequins at the grocery store and so I picked one up for her (I blame her new NASCAR fixation squarely on [ profile] celli and her SGA/NASCAR AU, Fireball!). I can't wait to hear how it is!

We watched most of (everything but the first 3 which we already watched a few weeks ago) Band of Brothers which is a favorite of hers. It's really an amazing piece of work-- the cast is absolutely terrific. Why is it that so many British actors can be so convincingly American, but the opposite is not usually true? Odd, that. I kept trying to place the guy playing Sgt. Muck (Richard Speight Jr.), and failing, but I looked him up on the IMDB just now and had to headdesk. He's Deputy Bill in Jericho, and The Trickster in Supernatural. No wonder he looked so familiar!

About 6pm we called a time-out from the TV and went out to a local favorite restaurant, Turley's, for dinner (they had some great Mexican specials: she had the sopes and I had the rellenos). Ardent hates to shop, but has been saying for two years now that she needs new clothes so after dinner I dragged her over to the local Coldwater Creek store to check out their 70% off sale. Fortunately, we both found several great deals. Ardent even got something 'artsy' instead of preppy. The folks at her office are going to faint. :) Finally we took our booty and returned to my house and watched the rest of BoB, staying up until an unprecendented-in-recent-history 2am to do so.

Sunday was my productive day-- did laundry, ran errands, etc. Bought a new double-ended shepherd's crook for the yard to hang a hummingbird feeder and a suet-block feeder from to supplement the standard seed-mix feeder I already have. Also I saw two new birds this weekend! Saturday I saw either a Western Kingbird (though he seemed a lot yellower than that picture) or a Yellow-Headed Blackbird. I didn't get a great look at him, so I'll need another sighting to make sure. Then on Sunday I saw a gorgeous male Red-naped Sapsucker. Both are new to my backyard birdwatching experience. Also, the grackles appear to be back for the season, which does not thrill me because they are pigs and keep the smaller birds away from the feeder. Grr.
I made the BEST stuff for dessert last night. It was so good I ended up eating the leftovers for breakfast.

Tropical Rice Pudding

2 C cooked short-grain rice (I used Kokuro rice from our local Asian grocery)
1 mango, diced
1 peach, diced
1 C sliced strawberries
1 C. coconut milk
2 Tbsp maple syrup
a pinch or so each ground cinnamon, ground coriander and ground cardamom (to taste)

Stir the maple syrup into the coconut milk, then mix all ingredients together. Taste. Add a little more maple syrup if you want it sweeter. Eat. :-)

(And yes, [ profile] theamusedone of course it has coriander in it! ;-D)

Had a wonderful lunch yesterday with [ profile] brywulf and [ profile] annezo at Sushi Zanmai. We shared veggie tempura and their fantastic seaweed salad, and I had ebi, tako, unagi, and cucumber roll. Then [ profile] brywulf couldn't finish her Philly Roll (smoked salmon and cream cheese) so I got to have some of that too. We groused about the fact that none of use are feeling fannishly connected right now and got all nostalgic for our old mailing lists.

In other news, I've been sort of half-assedly keeping track of the latest LJ kerfuffle, and mostly I'm just waiting to see how things shake out. I guess if I had to offer an opinion it would be that 1) LJ/6A is abysmally bad at communication and they should really wait to implement new policies until they have all the ramifications figured out first (also, they should muzzle their staff until they have a single official answer to a question!), and 2) Fandom will face the exact same issues currently inducing all the problems at LJ/6A no matter where it goes, once the perpetually panty-twisted in the world figure out where fandom went and follow them there to cause trouble.

Oh, and GIP! New icon-- a photo of the delicious and beautiful waffle served to my kidunit at breakfast the other day at the Southside Walnut Cafe.
Silliness gakked from [ profile] lamardeuse follows the cut )

And from [ profile] sithdragn:

Rather than promote or rant about the gay meme thing making it's way around LJ, here's something that represents equal rights for every gender, sexual preference, race, creed and religion. Every human being, period. That's what it's about. Feel free to snag it, share it, link to it, hyperlink it, whatever you choose.

For more information about the Human Rights Campaign, check the Human Rights Campaign website.

Also, I must say I had a truly lovely long weekend with [ profile] bluster and [ profile] ardent_muses. We hung out, and watched stuff (3rd season of the BBC Wire in the Blood, lots of Stargate: Atlantis, various other goodies) and yakked, and talked to [ profile] sithdragn on the phone, and petted [ profile] bluster's delightful kitties, met her parents, and generally had a fantastic time. The only problem was actually leaving when it was time to go.
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( Jun. 28th, 2006 06:00 pm)
With [ profile] theamusedone visiting last Thursday and then [ profile] bluster coming up immediately after that, I've been offline for nearly a week. I gave up trying to catch up with my flist (it's at about skip=325 so if I missed something important, I apologize. :)

Friday [ profile] bluster came to visit and she just went home today. We had a great time relaxing, yakking, watching lots of gritty British cop dramas (Touching Evil, and Wire in the Blood), and cheesy old American TV westerns (The Wild Wild West), and a little Stargate Atlantis on top of all that. [ profile] ardent_muses came up for a while both Saturday and Sunday and hung out with us, it was wonderful fun. We got pedicures ([ profile] bluster lost her pedicure cherry!) and The Cheese Importer was visited, of course, and we had several delicious meals out and I cooked a slapdash coq au vin using some frozen boneless chicken breasts and a lovely cabernet sauvignon [ profile] bluster had brought with her. Note to self: you need to remember to caramelize the onions beforehand next time, so the reduction is brown rather than pinkish.

Last night, on the spur of the moment, [ profile] bluster, kidunit and I went to see the late showing of Superman Returns, which we all thought was great. Bryan Singer has an amazing knack for giving big mindless action flicks a heart. We thought Brendan Routh was an appealingly vulnerable Superman and Kate Bosworth was a stronger Lois Lane than usual. Kevin Spacey was a surprisingly understated Lex Luthor-- usually filmic Lexes chew the scenery more (which is not to say there was NO scenery chewing). Maybe he took a cue from Michael Rosenbaum's Lex on Smallville (where he is the best thing about the show). Frank Langella made an excellent Perry White, and it was nice to see James Marsden's eyes for once. He's a better actor when you can see them, they're very expressive. (I wonder if his Superman role was why his Cyclops role in X3 was so small?) We were surprised that they used much of the original score from the 1978 Superman. The only thing we didn't like was that we thought they got a little carried away with the opening credits. We got kind of bored waiting for the actual movie to start and wondered why they hadn't moved most of them to the end credits.

One thing that struck me as stylistically odd very minor spoiler behind the cut: )

Finally, just for fun I took the "What type of MAN turns you on Test". While I actually kind of agree with the results, I can't really agree with the representative of the type they chose, since Jude Law does exactly nothing for me. But hey, can't have everything, right? Full results after the cut )
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( Jun. 23rd, 2006 10:16 am)
[ profile] theamusedone is in the state to visit relatives and last night he stopped by and we went to dinner, along with [ profile] brynwulf and my kidunit. It was so much fun! We chatted about everything under the sun, and ate fantastic food and drank excellent wine and just generally had a blast. And the place was crowded and noisy so we could say all kinds of naughty things an no one noticed. :) [ profile] brynwulf wanted to go to Brasserie 1010 because we'd gone there before and she really liked it. [ profile] theamusedone had bouillabaisse which looked fantastic-- there was about half a crab in it, shell and all, and mussels and shrimp and scallops and all kinds of goodness. Kidunit had a croque monsieur (ham & gruyere), I had steak frites, and [ profile] brynwulf had one of the specials, braised rabbit crepes. Of course we had to have dessert, [ profile] theamusedone got the hazelnut creme brulee (which was yummy but not as yummy as the creme brulee [ profile] brynwulf's restaurant used to serve) kidunit and I shared some eggy and slighty-underdone beignets (the only disappointing item all night!) with lemon cream sauce, and [ profile] brynwulf had the moccachino pot de creme which was outstanding.

We had two different wines, a Pinot Blanc from Alsace, and a Vouvray from the Loire. [ profile] brynwulf and I got a little tipsy so we had to go for a walk before we could drive home. It was a hoppin' night downtown, tons of people, and a perfect cool summer evening. [ profile] brynwulf had to leave for home but [ profile] theamusedone and I sat around in my living room for an hour or so and just chatted. Even though we had never met in person before, it was like we were old friends. We have a lot of tastes in common as far as reading, music, and TV. Finally he had to go, he had a 2 hour drive ahead of him, but he emailed this morning to let us know he got up to Vail okay despite the late hour.

Then last night I had the weirdest dream. I realized that even though I am on vacation, I had to go to the office for a few minutes to get something I'd forgotten, and when I got there my front-desk minion was feeling sick, so I told her she should call my other minion and ask him to work the desk so she could go home, but she wouldn't. Then I went into my office to get whatever it was I'd forgotten, and got cornered by an administrator who needed some info NOW. Reluctantly I fired up my computer and found it for her, then I went to pick up my phone and call home to let kid-unit know I was running a little late, but I couldn't call home because there was no 6 on the number pad. So I went to the front desk to use THAT phone, and it didn't have a 6 on it either. I went to every phone in the office trying to find one with a 6 and never found one. It was like I was in an alternate universe where 6 didn't exist. Very, very weird. [ profile] bethbethbeth thinks that it must be about sex, but I think that's way too obvious (six/sex). :)


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