You see the headline: Iran tests 'new anti-ship weapon' and wonder what they've got against character pairings.

In other news, we went to see The Dark Knight this weekend. opinion behind the cut )
Silliness gakked from [ profile] lamardeuse follows the cut )

And from [ profile] sithdragn:

Rather than promote or rant about the gay meme thing making it's way around LJ, here's something that represents equal rights for every gender, sexual preference, race, creed and religion. Every human being, period. That's what it's about. Feel free to snag it, share it, link to it, hyperlink it, whatever you choose.

For more information about the Human Rights Campaign, check the Human Rights Campaign website.

Also, I must say I had a truly lovely long weekend with [ profile] bluster and [ profile] ardent_muses. We hung out, and watched stuff (3rd season of the BBC Wire in the Blood, lots of Stargate: Atlantis, various other goodies) and yakked, and talked to [ profile] sithdragn on the phone, and petted [ profile] bluster's delightful kitties, met her parents, and generally had a fantastic time. The only problem was actually leaving when it was time to go.
[ profile] ardent_muses and I roadtripped to see [ profile] bluster this past weekend.

Let me tell you, it was hot in the heartland. I think the heat index temp got up to about 116 F. at one point. Aiieee! I am so not used to humidity. Where I come from, it rarely gets above about 30%. It figures we would pick the hottest weekend of the year to travel.

Fortunately for us, [ profile] bluster has a lovely home with excellent air conditioning, and we mostly stayed indoors and watched myriad episodes of Stargate Atlantis and Man From UNCLE. Why is it always more fun to watch eps with other fen? We were attempting to pim... er... persuade [ profile] ardent_muses to be favorably inclined toward SGA but I am not sure we succeeded, time will tell. She's never been a big SciFi fan like [ profile] bluster and I have so it's harder for her to get into a skiffy fandom. It probably didn't help that [ profile] bluster and I kept talking over parts of eps and having to back up and replay them, which makes for a choppy viewing experience. Bad fangirls, no donuts.

On the MFU front, we all agreed that there's something about black and white photography that really suits Robert Vaughn. Also that there are a ton of good screencap moments in "The Pieces of Fate Affair" (we indulged [ profile] ardent_muses's Theo Marcuse fetish by watching that one) and that it was a shame that the copy we have is too poor to screencap. I'd watched it before, but somehow I had never caught this little exchange:

Napoleon (after commenting that it would be a good idea for them to escape before a ton of coal descends upon them): "It might muss my hair."

Illya (casting a jaundiced eye at Napoleon's Brylcreemed do): "Unlikely."

*snerk* Bad boy.

Bluster made us a delightful dinner of pot roast one night, (unlike yours truly she can cook a roast so it's well done on the outer edges, yet rare in the middle... something I have never mastered despite being a certifiable foodie), potato casserole, and refrigerator-pickled fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. She gave us the grand tour of Aurora, Nebraska, and a minitour of Grand Island. She took us to see Mormon Island, a little park where I had set part of my Buried On Sunday/Masterminds crossover, "Crossroads." That was fun! On Sunday she introduced us to Whiskey Creek, an excellent barbeque place. We also discovered Eileen's Cookies ... whose peanut-butter cookies may require online ordering sometime in the near future. We saw many cornfields, soybean fields, the IAMS factory (they have a flag with a paw on it!), and many irrigation systems which [ profile] ardent_muses wanted to stand under, but we dissuaded her with predictions of mud and possible snakes.

[ profile] bluster's three cats, Malcolm, Stanley, and Griz, are wonderful friendly boys... though Griz, who is the largest cat (he's got to be part Maine Coon and part Mountain Lion!) I have ever seen in my life, is a little bit skittish but willing to be friendly so long as you stay seated and don't make any sudden moves.

I must say that [ profile] ardent_muses is an excellent and super-considerate roommate, and even better, she likes to drive. And I apologize for the snoring. :-P

Sadlly, all good things must come to an end and we had to return home. This morning at work I discovered that in the brief two days I was away from work, all heck had broken loose. I should have expected it, since Mercury went Retrograde on Friday.
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( Oct. 21st, 2004 08:23 pm)
I had a lovely weekend in Cincinnati with a bunch of fen... [ profile] aukestrel, [ profile] bethbethbeth, denise raymond, [ profile] imkalena, kelyingtyn, [ profile] liaison27, [ profile] rustler, [ profile] the_star_fish, [ profile] twistedchick, and [ profile] vagabondage and her mate. Lovely folks, all. We drank scotch, gay scotch, good vodka, great gin, miscellaneous beers of intriguing extraction (pumpkin ale? Cool!). Yet somehow I managed not to get even vaguely tipsy through all that imbibing. Something is WRONG with me.

We watched gay porn and gay not-porn and did much talking and there was much knitting that went on by folks other than myself. They kept intimating that I should be doing so as well. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

I did NOT pack for the weather-- like an idiot I didn't check the Cinci forecast and packed for the sort of weather we've been having at home. Silly me. It was in the 40's and near-record rainfall for most of the weekend. I seem to have that effect when I travel... rain follows me. Though sadly it does not manifest at HOME where we need it. Gah. Froze my butt off. Fortunately [ profile] twistedchick loaned me a gorgeous handknit heavy sweater and a serape to keep me warm. On Saturday we drove out to Fort Ancient to see the Hopewell Culture earthworks. That was tres cool (literally and figuratively). There was ritual wearing of small children's clothing on the heads of some of our tribe members. :) Someday I would like to see the Snake mound. And amusingly enough we were mistaken for Girl Scout Troop leaders. The Girl Scouts would never be the same. We decided we should have a Gay Porn Writing merit badge and a Safe Sex merit badge. :)

The trees in fall foliage were stunning. Here in Colorado we mostly have two colors of fall foliage: yellow, and brown. In Cinci there were *zillions* of colors... purple, brick, scarlet, gold, chartreuse, burgundy, pumpkin-- wow. Just amazing. Sometimes all on the same tree.

The flights to and from were made bearable by the ingestion of products from a large pharmaceutical corporation (I'm not afraid of flying but I have claustrophobia) and the flight back was half empty so I didn't even have to share a seat. Plus there was eyecandy across the aisle from me-- I'm a sucker for goodlooking men in tweed sportcoats over jeans.

It's been hella busy since I got back though. The price one pays for a few days off. :-P
All good things must come to an end, and so the Time of Visitation is over. [ profile] bluster and [ profile] shayheyred have come and gone, hopefully with many fond memories, and [ profile] ardent_muses is no doubt wishing she'd never agreed to drive. But she was a very good driver! more on the visit behind the cut tag )
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( May. 2nd, 2004 04:16 pm)
Finally got to take a little time off work-- not much just a day and a half, but it helped. Spent the first half day cleaning the house which needed it. Second day, spent half of it running errands and putting some clothes in storage and then [ profile] bluster arrived and we drove down to [ profile] ardent_muses house and from there went to dinner and a Great Big Sea concert. Wouldn't it figure that it was SNOWING while we stood in line outside waiting for the doors to open, but the next day was sunny and 60 degrees?? Love Colorado in the Springtime. There was much fun, both mundane and fannish, had by all, but I'll cut-tag the fannish squeeing so those of you not interested don't have to look. Read more... )


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