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( Feb. 24th, 2009 10:43 pm)

I hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve it.
[ profile] bluster I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I know your neighbors will all be curious about the line of spies, mounties, cops, demon-hunting brothers, and assorted other attractive men lining up at your door bearing birthday greetings. But those of us who know you understand. ;D

I'm honored to be counted among your friends.
Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! Also for the v-gift!! I tried to reply to everyone but my flist was at something like skip=300 since my last login and I may have missed some. Friday night the kidunit and the housemate took me out for dinner at Outback Steakhouse which was yummy as usual, and then to Glacier Ice Cream for dessert. I had a new flavor there-- raspberry rocky road (which they apparently whipped up in honor of the Rockies) and it was fantastic. I hope it comes into regular rotation with their other flavors. ::snrch:: I just noticed this note on their website: Printed on Recycled Data™

Next day [ profile] ardent_muses came up from Denver and we hung out all day. First we went to the Farmer's Market (the last one of the season) and got some wonderful things (Haystack Mountain rosemary chevre, Mou Cou camembert, tomatoes, kale, fresh roasted poblano chilies, a Carnival squash, and a handful of honeystix), then we went to McGuckin Hardware because I needed something but I couldn't remember what it was. We wandered around picking up random goodies until I finally remembered (a humidfier filter!) and Ardent ended up with a new pie plate and a few other things from their amazing Housewares section. After that we rented The Illusionist and The Prestge and had a magical (or should that be illusory?) afternoon. We watched The Illusionist first, then went out for a really good Italian dinner (Ardent had vegetarian lasagne, kidunit had a feta, olive and sausage pizza that they made up special for him since it wasn't even on the menu, and I had a chicken/proscuitto/asparagus dish I can't remember the name of but was really, really good!), then watched The Prestige. The Illusionist was enjoyable mostly for Edward Norton and Paul Giammatti's performances, but we both (Ardent and I) really enjoyed The Prestige. Well, Ardent liked the ending, not sure how she felt about the whole shebang. I liked it all. Especially David Bowie as Tesla. (I know Tesla was more than a tad nuts but he was also a genius and I kind of <3 him. I am afraid I inflicted Tesla Trivia on poor Ardent!) :) Then sadly, Ardent had to go home and I finished off the evening by peeling and seeding the roasted poblano chilies I bought at the farmer's market. Can't wait to make rellenos!

Today it was brunch with the extended family (i.e. my mom, brother, s-i-l and the three of us from my household), which was nice and relaxing. Then I spent the rest of the day doing the things I'd neglected in order to have fun... grocery shopping and laundry. While doing laundry I managed to watch this week's Blood Ties, which continues to please me. I had to snicker this week at Henry's "Come along, Renfield." to Mike. Hee!

PS: I can sure tell it's NaNoWriMo... the number of posts to [ profile] little_details has just exploded.


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