kelliem: juncoes & a cardinal (snowbirds)
( Oct. 18th, 2012 11:07 am)
We had some excitement this morning! About a quarter of four we were woken up by loud banging coming from outside- I figured out it was something trying to get into our compost bin (which we store next to the garage behind our fence).  It was loud enough to wake up both Kham (the kidunit) and I, and we wondered if it might be a bear, since the raccoons aren't usually that loud, but since there are no windows on that side of the house we couldn't tell. About a minute after we wondered that, we started hearing noise out back, so Kham went downstairs and turned on the back porch light to find... yep.   It was a bear all right!

I could see it from upstairs once she turned the light on. It wasn't a big bear, maybe about the size of a large Newfoundland dog, but big enough to want to avoid!

It tore down my bird-feeder along with the hanger it was on which was screwed into some decorative trim on the wall above the sliding glass doors. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have really damaged the feeder, though it did mess up the trim. I hadn't bothered to bring it in, since the birds pretty much empty it by evening, but I guess I will have to start doing so!

It also knocked down my two hummingbird feeders which I was leaving up in case of any stragglers, and smushed the little decorative wire fence we have separating the flower garden from the lawn. It then went back up on the porch and Kham banged on the door to scare it off. It ran away and scrabbled noisily over the fence.  This morning I discovered that the fence seems to have suffered a bit of damage. I guess it's not meant to have bears climbing it!

Unfortunately it was much too dark for photos of the actual bear, so all I have are pix of the damage taken this morning after the bear was long gone.


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