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( Oct. 30th, 2008 01:15 pm)
I has the flu. The real flu, not a stomach virus. Fever, aches, coughing, phlegm in massive quantities. Ugh. DO NOT WANT! Since I am sick I have nothing to do but watch TV, so I'm going to make vacuous comments about various shows.

1) NCIS writers need to go back to Latin class or hire a consultant who knows what they're doing. The latin word for 'victim' is not 'victor'. Victor means... well... victor. Victim is either piaculum, hostia or victima but not victor.

2) Oh, House. I never know if you're going to be awesome or just WTF. And I still won't know until I see how this latest WTF moment plays out in the long run. I don't trust the writers and I trust the preview makers even less.

3) I'm liking The Mentalist quite a bit. I didn't think I would, but I do. I kind of like that dopey expression Jane gets on his face when he's pulling one of his stunts. ;D

4) It was fun to see Colin Ferguson on Ghost Hunters last night.

5) last night's Criminal Minds was a little bit rote for the most part, but a decent effort, and next week's looks interesting!

6) On Top Model, I understand why the judges want Elina to 'let go', but I think the other girls are picking on her unfairly. Why were they so upset that she said Holland reminded her of Ukraine? They're just looking for things to bitch about at this point.

7) Supernatural's "Monster Movie" ep was a complete hoot. This week's should be interesting, too.

8) Eleventh Hour. Well, the Patrick Stewart British version was a better show, but I have to admit that Rufus Sewell is good eye-candy and the US version doesn't actively suck, so I'll keep watching it for a while.

I think that's enough rambling for now. I think I'll go hack up a lung and watch more TV.
It you like looking at pretty things (like the one in my icon...), check out AfterElton's Hot 100 list. Lots of fantastic photos, and some diversity, too. Take that, People Magazine! I like the AE list better. (Lots of fan favorites on it, too!) :)

I was particularly amused by Anderson Cooper's response to finding out he was on the list. "I'm flattered to be on the list. Clearly, they have not seen my pale skinny chicken legs. It's nice to know there is a market for pale, skinny, grey-haired people."

How are they going to get out of that??? Yikes!

Did anyone else notice that John Barrowman has been in the title credits, not the guest-star credits, for the last two eps?

(Spoilers possible in the comments... if anyone comments, that is. xD )

Peripherally related, how did I not know that [ profile] gorgidas (aka Theban Band) has done some Dr. Who and Torchwood pieces? Also, this Captains Jack is rather amusing. At least two of those three would get along... er... swimmingly. ;D


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