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"If you only knew the POWER [squeak] of the Dark Side. JOIN ME [squeak] and we can [squeeeeak] RULE the... [squeaksqueaksqueakSPLASH!]


"I find your lack of balance...disturbing.



Thanks to Angel K. for the splishin' and the splashin'.


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From the story of Jewish people fleeing Egypt in the Book of Exodus to the tale of Israelis taking of the city of Jericho, here's a look at conflicts detailed in the bible.
A Buddhist temple in central Myanmar has been swallowed by rising floodwaters after heavy rainfall.
A new study offers a clearer estimate of success rates from repeated attempts, researchers say.
A photographer from the New Zealand city found a creative way to cheer people up amid recent floods.
But a computer simulated race between the US swimmer and a shark draws complaints from many viewers.
Bernard Tomic says he has never "really tried" throughout his tennis career, adding that he has probably been operating at "around 50%".
Lower activity in the first quarter of 2017 suggests both will underperform the global economy.

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