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([personal profile] kelliem Nov. 22nd, 2013 08:58 am)
Every morning before I go to work I put out my bird feeder, scatter seed for the ground feeders, and fill up the bird bath if it needs it. It snowed yesterday, and was extremely cold last night, but the bird bath has a temperature-activated heater so it stays ice-free. It has a sand-coated finish that's a dull brownish-gray, and when I went out to fill it this morning, I did not even realize at first that there was a little brownish-gray sparrow just sitting on the edge of it. She was the exact same color as the bird bath so she was hard to notice. If she hadn't startled a little when I started pouring in the water, I would probably not have seen her at all.

She didn't fly away but continued to sit there as I finished filling the bath, which made me suspect that she's ill or injured and the warmth of the heated bath helped her make it through the night. I didn't want to scare her so I moved slowly and put up the feeder, and as soon as it was up, she immediately flew up and started eating. Made me feel good that I was helping her. I hope she makes it.
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awe that is so wonderful, she knew you were helping her. Hand a bird house out with straw in that might give her added comfort. Fair play to you. I love feeding the birds our bird bath doesn't have that but they still love it. Keep up the great work xx
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The world needs more people like you in the world. Who care and treat animal with love. I pur out food because the same birds seem to come back every year and bring their young to feed. The two doves that always come and stared in the window last month as if to hello were is our food lol. Must get them meal worms next week when I have money. Keep it up won't you. If there is a ledge around the hole of the house put a tiny bit of seed mixed wit fat on it, should encourage them in xxx
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From: [personal profile] vickitub

Do you get the stink eye if your not fast enough lol. Fair play to you, take some pics x

From: [personal profile] darklock

Awwww. I hope she makes it, too. I appreciate hearing this. We used to live in a migration corridor, but now live in a desert apartment. We have our share of wildlife, but nothing like we used to.

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