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([personal profile] kelliem Jul. 8th, 2013 02:56 pm)
I finally got a call from one of the housemate's sisters this morning- apparently they were not even notified until today! It's a big relief to know that they have her will and are planning to fly out and help us with cleaning out her stuff. In the past few years she'd turned into kind of a hoarder so it's not going to be easy. Also, the landlord is being incredibly great and is going to hire one of those specialized cleanup services to deal with the worst of the suicide aftermath. They're probably going to come out tomorrow. I did tell him we should wait on other cleaning until her family is able to come out and he agreed.

Even though I know in my head that it's okay to be angry, it still feels vaguely wrong emotionally.  But I'm trying to just let myself feel what I feel and not try to 'block' any of it, because that isn't healthy :/

I also have a call in to her therapist and I'm going to let them know how badly I think Kaiser failed her.  They kept switching her therapists and psychiatrists so she didn't have any stability of care. And when they committed her back in late January/early February they let her out much too quickly (less than 2 full days!), she needed a much longer term in-patient commitment.  They just didn't want to deal with her or the expense, I think.

Thank you all for your kindness and support, it really helps.
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From: [personal profile] vickitub

You have a right to feel what you feel and there is noting wrong with feeling anger what's so ever. And I am glad ye are getting help I think you will all need it for sometime and I pray they give ye what ye need to help you all through it. I wish there was more I can do to help, more then just writing a reply, I would love to sit with you let you rant get all you feel off your chest, free up what you are feeling help you more. Its never easy to have a friend pass away but to lass in this manner is much harder. You are doing what you can to help the family and that will mean more than you know. If you ever need an ear I am here, sometimes its easier to talk to someone you don't know personally. I know you are away from the fandom but once your in the family your always part of it and as a family we are here for you with whatever we can help with, even if its just an ear.

Big hugs and if you need to let it all out in confidence you can count on me.

Sending my love and prayers to you and the family from my friends as well who are praying for ye xxxxxx
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From: [personal profile] madripoor_rose

Hugs. It's a horrible situation all around, and you have the right to be angry as well as grieve and just...hugs.
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From: [personal profile] reginagiraffe

Oh, don't feel bad about being angry. I'm just starting being able to forgive my friend for the choices she made that directly led to her death and she died 7 years ago. Her funeral was an odd experience because everyone else was sad and I was PISSED. OFF. I managed to (mostly) hold it in but...

Yeah, you feel what you feel, no apologies.

*hugs you tight*
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From: [personal profile] arallara

I'm just seeing this news, and I am so very sorry. Wow. What a shocking and horrible thing, and my thoughts are with you all. I'm glad you're trying to feel whatever you feel, and I hope you can keep doing that. Take good care. {{{{hugs}}}}

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