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([personal profile] kelliem Jul. 7th, 2013 02:06 am)
Our housemate committed suicide tonight. The cops & coroner just finished up and left. She'd been talking about doing it for so long we didn't really think she would do it, but when I heard that shot, I knew instantly what it was. I feel a weird combination of sad, angry, and weirdly relieved, and a bit worried about how we will cope with the expenses associated with this. We don't really know yet what's next - the coroner's office needs to contact her family before we can figure out what arrangements to make.

She broke the one promise I made her make to me years ago - that she would not make me be the person to find her if she did kill herself. From what the coroner said, it seems like she had not been taking her medications - she said the found a huge number of unopened prescriptions.
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From: [personal profile] vickitub

Oh I am so sorry, I have no words, I am here if you need to talk :'(

Hugs x
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From: [personal profile] vickitub

You are very welcome, I wish i had the right words to say to you. I hope that you have support around you xxxx
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From: [personal profile] cesperanza

Oh, Kellie, I'm so so sorry. Stay strong and be good to yourself during this hard time!
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From: [personal profile] amara1783

I am so sorry. What a tragic thing. Do take care of yourself as you get over the shock, and best of luck with all the paperwork and stuff.
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From: [personal profile] mtl

Kellie, I can't imagine what you're going through. Sending you loads and loads of hugs.

From: [personal profile] darklock

Well, fuck. Please know that I do empathize with what you are going through. You are in my thoughts and I hope you have all the support you want and need to travel through this. I've got an ear right here if you need to vent to an impartial party.

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